Plymouth MA Home Inspections

by 4 Top Home Inspectors In MA

5 MA Home Inspection Myths

The four licensed Massachusetts home inspectors listed below have over 90 years combined "real" home inspection experience (as opposed to home related experience) and provide top quality narrative (descriptive) reports with digital photos, delivered same day or within 24 hours (as opposed to handwritten checklist reports without photos.)

Some inexperienced MA home inspectors claim years of "home building related experience", however, being a carpenter, plumber, roofer, electrician, builder, real estate agent, architect, or even an engineer for 25 years does not qualify someone to be a professional home inspector. If your criteria for a home inspector is based on a low fee, you must reavaluate your reasons for having a home inspection.

Did the listing real estate agent recommend a home inspector to you?

Did you get a home inspector's brochure from a real estate office?

Did the real estate agent or home inspector offer a home warranty?

Highly qualified, experienced Plymouth MA home inspectors

The home inspection companies linked below are owner operated. All inspections are performed by the owners (no sub-contractors or part timers). Highly qualified, experienced MA home inspectors who provide a superior inspection service will prove to be the best long term value for the inspection fee charged.

Click on the inspection company listed below that serves the Plymouth area and you will be taken directly to the Home Inspector experienced with the particular housing in that region. The inspector's home town is listed for reference only, as the inspectors may travel up to 75 miles or 1 1/2 hour from their home town.

Inspection Photos

Photos help show / prove item conditions to other interested parties involved in the sales transaction. It requires more time to take and edit photos, that's why few inspectors include photos with their reports.